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About Us

Phytomolecule as a Complementary Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is rapidly becoming one of the world's most serious diseases, posing a threat to everyone. The key concerns at this time are illness management and control. With so many advances being made in modern technology, remedies have been developed, but they come with a slew of negative effects.

As a result, we must develop new methods of treating the condition that have therapeutic benefits on the body. Phytomolecule cancer treatment is one possible solution to this issue. Phytomolecule has been our rescuer for centuries, and it does a wonderful job of healing ailments at their root. It is one of the most important aspects of Phytomolecule treatment, and it has little to no negative effects.


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Dr. Gabha's molecular medicines and new generation phytoresearch-based molecular formulations, the genomics of genetic engineering in new-generation health, education, and customized formulations by Dr. Gabha's laboratories are accredited by the Association of Ayush Inventors. Doctors, researchers, philanthropists, and proprietors of medicines are accredited by AAI.

Dr. Gabha's jbc research Foundation and Dr. Gabha's corona research foundation Our social initiation

Dr. Gabha's laboratories pvt Ltd new generation high tech R&D based laboratories approved by US fda and our association with groups of world class pharma company returns and their vast experience of different different faculties of modern research pharma going to give a new shape of generation development in near future.

Dr. Gabha's journey of more than 175 years as of now, from the seventh generation in health care from ancient Ayurveda to modern and scientific research-based formulations from age-old Gabha Ayurveda Bhavan, the oldest company in the world of healthcare systems, Gabha means heart❤ in English, and it's the seeds or new leaves of a tree or the mother molecules of all the active modern medicines. Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old. And ayurveda means the increase of life span by vedic foods as well as medicines. Ayurveda is such a ved sashtra by which your ayu or life will be more sustainable or long. Gabha doctor was called a "Doctor of Nation" from a long time his practice case study herbal study plants foods vegitables flowers grains seeds earth stone natural alkaline water, etc. by which his age-old formulation was made for nation. According to Dr. Gabha, people become more serious patients due to their lack of knowledge and dependence on others. A small infection or something else, patients can find out their own capacity or treat their own knowledge. According to Dr. Gabha's journey from dense forest to hilly Northeast Mountaineries, his practices became more widespread worldwide and were adopted by the most devout, who sacrificed their lives for mankind throughout their lives, and in India, they were very few and slowly served people with their Siddha medicines. Dr. Gabha's medicines are mostly prepared after patients have studied diseases and disorders. Dr. Gabha's medicines are his own procurement of all herbal ingredients and pure and fresh herbs. Stored in freezers, old stocks of individual herbs lost their strengths and powers as active chemicals, which is why modern standard industrial processing medicines fail to give proper results or effects on diseases. There are so many researched medicines prepared as per common diseases that doctors are applying to patients according to indications that the medicines are not appropriate clinical practices, which are random in general. According to Dr. Gabha's opinion of healthcare, which has been around for so many years, people are following his followers. Doctors are very rare, and they are called doctors of the nation. Gabha means a heart ❤. And the Gabha doctors are treating their patients with their mind, soul, and humanity in healthcare.

Dr. Gabha's age-old formulations for different diseases and disorders use the purest form of phyto-formulation of mother molecules as active pharma ingredients with proper analysis of active molecules. Our individuals of each active ingredient are processed scientifically in Hitech laboratories by our own qualified researchers and chemists. One particular formulation may not be so effective for different patients. All diseases and disorders vary according to patients and their genetic changes. Dr. Gabha's modern medicines are too costly in the world of medical healthcare and our intention to cure and treat diseases and disorders in patients. Commercially, our procurement, research, and development of the root causes of diseases and disorders are the costliest of other healthcare, but in general, Dr. Gabha's treatment can save your life from unwanted harassment or adverse effects of other medicines. Dr. Gabha's phytobase formulations, as per genetic sequence, and carring and curing the human organ properly Dr. Gabha's worldwide doctors, researchers, health educators, and health volunteers take care of their patients as per Dr. Gabha's medical protocol. "Doctor of Nation" isn't a certificate given by big universities; it's an observational practice of our doctors, who earn huge rewards and awards from their patients, and patients to patients make a chain of humanity in the nation. Patients word of mouth and survival ratio of achievements of publicity make our doctors "Doctors of Nations." Our doctors of nations are not the owners of big multispeciality hospital owners, but they win the hearts of patients. Worldwide patients search our Gabha doctors appointments, and our doctors try their level best healthcare as per Dr. Gabha's medical healthcare protocol. Thank you. God bless you all.

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Services: Modern research Ayurved medicines development as like as allopathy standard drugs and Dosears as international standard. Skill Development projects with Govt collaboration for your entrepreneur bsc msc phd and jn scientist programs.

Dr. Gabha's laboratories pvt Ltd new generation high tech R&D based laboratories approved by US fda and our association with groups of world class pharma company returns and their vast experience of different different faculties of modern research pharma going to give a new shape of generation development in near future.

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Dr. Gabha's Wellness FairGab Antiviral,fungal, Antibacterial Skin Ointment



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Phytomolecule treatments are aimed at providing a genomic treatment to the patients by following a natural approach to treat the root cause of the problem. Dr. Gabhas holds several years of experience and has been working towards treating the society with most effective Phytomolecule remedies in order to contribute to greater good and ensure an overall wellbeing. Several Phytomolecule herbs are used in the manufacture of herbal medicines. These are high in therapeutic characteristics that aid in disease prevention and treatment.


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Phytomolecule is for Cancer

Fight Cancer With Hope And Phytomolecule

Strengthen your immune system

Phytomolecule herbs are primed to power your natural defenses and train it to only recognize and target to cure the main cause of the problem without causing any harm to the normal cells.

Long-lasting response

Phytomolecule herbs detect and eliminate the cancer causing cells from the roots.

Highest success rates

Like other treatments, Phytomolecule not only works on the upper layers of the problem. The treatment is intended to get into the roots of the problem.

No side Effects

Phytomolecule medicines are derived from the extract of potent herbs which doesn't give any side effects, such as- hair loss, infections, diarrhea, damage to the taste buds, or loss of appetite.

What Our Patients Say

Sheshagiri Rao, Hyderabad:
Good afternoon Dr Ji.. Its pleasure to share my health issues and healing process & treatment & advises through your excellency as follows : A) my health problem : 4th stage Stomach cancer as confirmed by senior medical oncologist @ indo American Basavatarakam hospital hyderabad during first week August 2023. Accordingly started Chemo therapy 2 cycles & immuno therapy one cycle. B) Complaints: nosia, vomitings, stomach pain, food intake reduced, no apitite and loss of weight 15 kgs in 9 months : C) in the month of August, I am lucky to get introduced to Dr Sanjay ji of GHABA institute of repute through my Guru Narasimha swamiji. Immediately I submitted all the reports to Dr ji followed by video conference, Dr ji sent the following medicines immediately and started using from 2nd week August : D) medicines : de toxic, detoxi plus, oil for stomach application followed by hot water tub treatment, honey, & tonic to be used at bed time.. Stated using every day followed by another set of medicines in 1 st week September. E) Advises : Dr ji is sincerely & regularly following up with me & My family spending lot of time enquiring and advising on my heath by giving 100% confidence of cure. He advised to stop sugar & milk products, alternative day fasting /liquid diet, vegetable soups, soft diet, meditation etc. Which I was following meticulously and the result is very hopeful as mu complaints are almost nil now. No pain, no vomiting, intake increased. Feeling energetic& having good sleep. Few problems noticed are occasionally constipation, itching aroud stomach, lower foot getting cold etc. I will continue the treatment & follow the advises of Dr ji and I am confident & sure to come back to normalcy at the earliest possible. Immensely thankful & Regards to Dr ji..

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Holding years of expertise in treating patients with Phytomolecule methods, our hospital aims to provide the patients with quality care and herbal solutions. We ensure a healthy revival of the patient with minimal or no side effects on the body. You can always reach out to us for the best Phytomolecule treatments.

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